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AvidSEO™ Online Marketing in Hampton Roads, VA

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What is AvidSEO?

Founded by Justin Lewis and Parchelle Hotten, AvidSEO is a marketing agency designed to provide services to the Hampton Roads area. We offer website development, video production, online advertising, search engine optimization and other valuable online based marketing services to the region.

Website Development

It’s said that a majority of businesses are now profiting more from online business than offline. If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re falling behind dramatically in 2014.

Video Production

Have a professional video created for your business to help build a relationship with your potential customers. By having a video, you’ll be more likely to convert leads into sales.

Online Marketing

The backbone of any business model is the marketing. If you have poor marketing, you aren’t going to gain new customers. Thankfully, we offer our marketing strategies to businesses to help them increase their revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Already have a website that converts? Now you need more customers. By providing our search engine optimization skills, we can help you increase your rankings in the search engines and in turn help you acquire new customers.