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Justin Lewis – Website Development Manager

Justin Lewis has been building successful businesses online since 2010. More importantly however, he has helped others build their businesses, brands and increased their revenues heavily.

Website Creation Background

Raised in Chesapeake, VA, Justin began designing websites in January 2010 after being laid off at a trucking company. Within 7 months, he began building websites for entrepreneurs. By the end of 2010, he had built more than 120 websites and raised enough funds to hire a team and begin doing web development on a mass scale.

Fast forward 2 years later and Justin had amassed a portfolio of more than 730 websites. That’s around the time that he realized that he had a knack for selling and ranking websites online.

Justin Lewis

Marketing Background

After developing hundreds of websites for entrepreneurs, Justin started seeing a dramatic missing element in his business. His clients didn’t know how to market themselves. They had a great looking website, but weren’t doing anything in order to get people to find them online.

Justin teamed up with Michael Brown to create a training academy known as Niche Optimizer University. The business took off with hundreds of students signing up each month, until the University grew to over 650 students.

Inside of the University he taught his students how to market their websites to the right audiences, helping them understand how money was made online and taught them the power of ranking websites in the search engines.

Seeing the success of hundreds businesses over the years, Justin has notice one common factor in those that were successful. They ranked for targeted keywords in their industry, hands down.

Search Engine Optimization Experience

To give you an idea of how Justin was able to help businesses with SEO, take a pipe lining company for example. Their website originally had ranked for several keywords but they weren’t targeted. By changing the direction of the website, Justin was able to increase the overall traffic to the website from an average of 263 in 2013, to an average of 437 visitors a month in 2014! That’s a 35% increase in only 4 months.

His knowledge doesn’t just work with local businesses, Justin has worked with business owners in every major country of the world.

YouTube Videos & Facebook Page Marketing

In 2012, Justin began getting into social media marketing. More specifically, he focused on YouTube and Facebook marketing.

He’s used his newfound knowledge of social media to help a gaming community (Ready Up Live) acquire more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and help a photographer (Amazing W0rld) in Vietnam create a Facebook page that now has over 207,000 followers.

Aside from helping others, he’s created a motorcycle community (757 Sport Bikes) with over 2,000 members in Hampton Roads and his own Facebook pages that now have over 370,000 followers.

The Ultimate Objective Behind Justin’s Marketing

Justin has amassed a very large portfolio of successes online. With these he has helped people with amazing talents grow their followings, assisted people in getting jobs at Microsoft/Google and has used his abilities to help donate to charity organizations and relief benefits all around the world.

His ultimate objective is to be able to help people with his skills and to bring forth a team of professional to create the perfect marketing team. He understands that a business can have a location, can have a product and can be motivated.. but without marketing, it becomes stale. Marketing is the solution you’ve been looking for and Justin can’t wait to help you succeed!


  • Seb C. says:
    Aug 12 2013 12:22 pm

    From the first time I had a question Justin has always been there to give me help and advice. Although I have had very little success Justin has been the one person who has helped to keep me plugging away.

  • Kemi Kalu says:
    Nov 29 2013 11:28 am

    Justin, you are truly an inspiration. Your story is very touching in a positive way, you have been through what most people will go through and feel that they can’t make it in life but you have chosen the path of success. I’m so proud of you and hope you also have a connection above, much greater than human connection to keep your sanity and peacefully get you through all troubles life has brought your way and anything (good/bad) life may bring our way. I like your mission statement and like the word of old: whatever you bring about for others, God will make much more happen for you. Keep up the good work and be blessed.

  • Jeremy Ivens says:
    Dec 18 2013 5:10 am

    Justin is the REAL DEAL. My wife knows him personally and all of this stuff that he went through is true. It’s crazy how tough this guy is. I can’t speak higher of Justin as a friend and as a human being.

  • George Norberg says:
    Jan 5 2014 2:37 am

    Justin is a solid guy. I’ve met very few people in online media with his level of passion and dedication to helping others.

  • Vermon G Bearden says:
    Jan 6 2014 4:43 am

    Hello Justin!

    You can be proud of what you are doing now to help yourself and others!

    It was imspiring to listen to your story and what you have gone thru!

    Keep up the good work and I trying to learn this business, it is quite a task for me! I am 72 years young with no retirement, only my SS check you can’t live on that!

    God bless you all!